Friday, February 13, 2015

HAITI - It's Almost Time!

       The day that we leave for our service trip to Gros-Morne, Haiti is just around the corner (less than 48 hours). It is still strange to think that this time next week ten of us Mercy girls will be immersed into the Haitian culture. I don't think any of us understand how different it will be. Although I am very nervous, I am also very excited. Experiencing different cultures helps me to gain perspective on my own life. Especially because we are going to a country that has much more poverty then our own I am hoping to come home with a greater appreciation for all that I am blessed with in my life. I hope to form bonds with the people of Gros-Morne that have a lasting impact on both of our lives.We will keep the blog updated, letting you know of all that we are experiencing! Talk to you all later!

Emma B.


  1. THANKS LOTTIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! LOVE YA! -emma, gabi, and haley :)

  2. Happy Birthday EBro!! Missed having you in the Roc to celebrate! Love ya long time Em! - Christina <3

  3. Happy golden birthday to you Emma! We love ya! We hope all of you Haiti ladies are having an amazing trip so far! -Mary S. And Alex R.