Friday, January 6, 2017

Week of 1/8/17

Warm up by helping others...this week 4 opportunities

OLM Passport to Understanding
Community Service for High School Students
HERE to see Passport pictures
(an urban outreach community center where 98% of the neighborhood residents live in poverty)

Monday, Jan. 9Th & Tuesday, Jan. 24th 3-5:30pm (after school program)
Saturday, January 14th, 9am-1pm (Lunch Meal prep and Serve)  

  • 6 students/adults at a time. 

We will help with homework and tutor children in grades K-6th grades. If filled, I will have a 'waiting list'.  We will help in this afterschool program 2x/month and the Saturday Lunch Meal once a month.   
Tuesday, January 10th, 3-5:30pm
We are sorting donated/unused Medical supplies to be shipped to underdeveloped countries. 
Wednesday, January 11th, 3-5pm
Rummikub and Wii Bowling  

 We meet in the Gallery at 3pm and walk over to the Legacy together.  It's fun and relaxing playing games with the Senior Residents.
Mrs. Phillips and daughter
Taylor '19 at Open Door Mission

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