Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week of March 5th

OLM Passport to Understanding
Community Service for High School Students
Mrs. Kunde (on left), mother of freshman Izzy, enjoying cards and visiting at The Legacy
HERE to see Passport pictures
*Tuesday March 7th, 3-5:30pm   
(FULL with 6 Mercy students)
  *Next date is March 21st (1 spot OPEN)
~there are waiting lists too : )
 We help in the afterschool program helping kids with their homework, good behavior, role modeling, etc.  The children attend Flower City #54 school.  Most of Cameron's children live below the poverty level putting them at risk in many ways.  Our positive interactions help make an impact on their daily lives.
Tuesday, March 7th, 6-7:30pm (Meet Mrs. Cilano at Hildebrandt, mother of Julia -10th grade)
 Baking cookies is ALWAYS a good thing...bringing a smile to family members who are dealing with loss is also ALWAYS a good thing!
Wednesday, March 8th, 3-5pm
Each Wednesday, we walk over and play games or play piano or sing with the elderly.  

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